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Intended for younger visitors, this treasure hunt allows them to discover the town of Arbois and its heritage in a fun and entertaining way.

It takes the form of an illustrated map, featuring explanations that are useful for the "scavenger hunt". The children's mission is to find the pelican, the emblem of the town of Arbois, who has disappeared from his nest.

The bird nested proudly in Arbois for more than 500 years, without ever leaving the town! But it's been three weeks now since anyone has seen him. Strange indeed... The search takes children from 6 to 12 years of age all over the city to gather clues to find the Pelican's hiding place.

A reward awaits those clever budding detectives who manage to crack the case.

This is the perfect kind of activity for developing family tourism. The child, the main participant in this unusual tour, leads their whole family on their route.

The game is distributed at the tourism office, in French only.

39600 ARBOIS
Area to visit : 
Bresse et Revermont, Jura Massif
Disabled access : 
Yes, Partial
Nearest station : 
Arbois (1 km) / Mouchard (9 km)
Types of activities : 
Discovery tour, Treasure hunt
Cultural themes : 
Architecture, Lands and traditions, Others
Touristic country : 
Vignoblle et Revermont